Frequently Asked Questions

about What We Do (Haul)

Do you take paint and other household toxics?

No. But Alameda county has drop-off locations in Oakland (and also in Hayward, Fremont, and Livermore) where residents can drop off hazardous waste for free. Many common household products (such as cleaners, paints, car products, and pesticides) contain toxic ingredients that may be hazardous to your children, your pets or the environment, and should be disposed of in a special manner and not put in garbage cans or storm drains. Call them toll-free (800) 606-6606 for more information.

Do you take dirt or concrete?

Sorry, we don’t haul dirt. And we only haul concrete in large quantities consisting of concrete only (i.e. no mixed dirt, green waste, etc.). In order to be recycled properly, these materials have to be taken to separate locations and are charged at volume rates.

What about asbestos?

For asbestos removal, contact a specialist. If you need your material tested, we recommend Synergy, who will test small samples for a reasonable fee. If your material is determined to be asbestos-free, then we can take it!

about What We Don’t Do

Do you do demolition?

Some. We will do light demolition of non-structural framing (cabinets, wall panels, flooring/carpet, decks, patios, sheds ,and other non-structural framing. For this we charge additional labor fees.

What about whole-house demolition? And excavation?

Please refer to the question above. We specialize in small-scale demolition and excavation done by hand. For whole-house demolition, we recommend Dave Dunn at Diversified Demolition: (510) 385-1474. For excavation, call a company that has a Bobcat.

Will you move my stuff?

No, we are not movers. Technically, sure, hauling is a kind of moving, but where we take stuff is “away”, where it’s supposed to go when you’re done with it, not when you want to keep it.

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